Shopfloor AI

Data is the new gold

Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine our daily business without data collection and tracking. But data alone only provides limited benefits. It’s a matter of using it wisely. In collaboration with Leftshift One, we have dedicated ourselves to exactly this challenge. With autfactory, we deliver production data of exceptionally high quality. This makes it possible to optimally feed the AI system AIOS from Leftshift One with data.

Together, we were able to create a dashboard for the continuous identification of anomalies and quality deviations. Corresponding corrective measures are subsequently derived from this. Detecting and analyzing patterns in the data becomes much easier and clearer for the user thanks to AI. Clustering of relevant data also becomes possible, for example for more precise technical inspection, or for detailed analysis of borderline components.

Artificial intelligence and deep learning on the shopfloor are no longer dreams of the future. We are also intensively involved with these technologies and were able to gain interesting insights for quality assurance in practice as part of a research project. In collaboration with Leftshift One, we were able to show:

We know which of the components are NOK before they are measured or by the EOL test bench!

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Detect rejects ahead of time

Predictive Quality

AI-based solutions enable you to detect defective products at an early stage and remove them from production. Thus, defective end products can be reduced. The sample size for EOL quality checks can also be minimized, as AI can identify potential errors earlier than the current quality assurance process.

Respond faster &

Reduce costs

The use of artificial intelligence in production leads to significant cost savings. Thanks to early detection of defective parts, scrap and quality inspection costs can be minimized. In addition, the time spent on rework can be significantly reduced.

Use resources wisely

Reduce workload

The near real-time analysis of production data performed by AI allows experienced users to focus on more important tasks (e.g., process and work improvements) instead of wasting their time on repetitive data analysis. The reconfiguration of the manufacturing process can also be performed by “non-experts” supported by AI guidance.

Transfer of expertise

The accumulated knowledge can be transferred to other production lines.

Digitization of expertise

Spot measurements replace the 100% EOL quality inspection. Recommendations for correction are suggested to the workers in case of deviations.

Anomaly detection

The AI solution identifies a pattern in the production data that indicates a possible quality deviation and recommends additional quality testing.