The key to success in your production!

What is autfactory?

Sustainably securing the added value of manufacturing companies – that’s exactly what autfactory was developed for!

With autfactory, we offer a total solution for the successful digitalization and optimization of your manufacturing and production. The focus is on the holistic consideration and improvement of production and manufacturing processes. As a store floor management system, autfactory provides you with valuable insights and data from your value chain. Make better decisions and optimize your productivity.

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Tailored to your needs:

The autfactory function packages


Capture and visualize data

The connect package contains the most important functions of autfactory. The entry-level package is particularly suitable for smaller manufacturing companies with NC machines.

  • Machine data acquisition (MDE)
  • Production data acquisition (PDA)
  • Process data acquisition (PDE)
  • Evaluation of key figures: Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Defect Calendar, etc.


communicate & take control

The communicate package is particularly suitable for manufacturing companies. In addition to the functions in the connect package, the following functions are included:

  • Production order planning and execution
  • Analysis of product and process data
  • Batch tracing
  • Parameter management
  • Creation of individual user interfaces (widget-based)


Change program sequences

With the package control you have the full functionality of our autfactory. It is particularly suitable for test benches of all kinds.

  • Web-based, graphical creation and modification of test sequences (configuration instead of programming)
  • Highspeed data communication (<10ms)
  • guaranteed cycle times read and write

For each package applies:
Unlimited number of users and variables.
WITHOUT additional costs!
Licensing is based on the stations and substations.

How can autfactory help me optimize my production?

Digitization is the key to success in production. With autfactory, we can help you gain valuable insights and make better decisions. This will allow you to use your:

  • Increase productivity
  • Ensure quality
  • Reduce costs

Use autfactory in your required specification as a

  • MES
  • Master computer
  • Test bench software or
  • Intelligence of the production machine
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Open system

The architecture of the system is based on Micro Service Systems. This means that the integration of manufacturer functions or the programming of own functions is possible without any problems.

We speak the language of the machine

20 years of experience on the store floor guarantee intelligent communication with machines, plants and systems.

Link isolated solutions

Keep the “big picture” in mind. autfactory combines existing stand-alone solutions into a complete system.

Ready for the future

The implementation of key technologies such as IoT, Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, etc. is also easily possible.

Open for the future thanks to flexible software architecture

With autfactory, we want to give you a tool that makes you fit for the future today. Our flexible program architecture with Micro Service Systems offers you numerous possibilities:

  • Programming own functions
    Extend the functionality of autfactory. Either with our programming libraries (DLL’s), or arbitrarily in other programming languages (C++, Python, etc.)
  • Easy integration of manufacturer functions (e.g. Vector) thanks to open interfaces such as MQTT and OPC UA
  • Einfache Integration externer Plug-Ins
    autfactory schafft den Rahmen, um mit den Daten externer Plug-Ins weiterzuarbeiten, z.B.:
    • Webcams
    • Knowledge Base
    • Environmental data (weather, humidity)
    • Data from the ERP system
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